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Online Test Series 114

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Not an action of bradykinin?
A. Bronchodilation
B. Vasodilatation
C. Pain
D. Increase in vascular permeability
Correct answer : A. Bronchodilation 
Bradykinin is a bronchoconstrictor.

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Which of the following is used to decrease the toxicity of amphotericin B?
A. Dose reduction
B. Liposomal delivery systems
C. Supplementing glucose
D. Giving it along with flucytosine
Correct answer : B. Liposomal delivery systems
Liposomal delivery systems decrease the amount of free drug in the blood. Infected cells interact with the liposomes, resulting in the release of amphotericin B at the site of action.

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An otherwise healthy male presented to the OPD with a curdy white patch on the tongue. The most probable diagnosis is?
A. Candidiasis
B. Lichen planus
C. Histoplasmosis
D. Aspergillosis
Correct answer : A. Candidiasis
White curdy patch in the oral cavity in an otherwise healthy individual is characteristic of candidiasis. But immunosuppressive conditions like HIV should be ruled out.


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Most common laser used in laryngeal surgery is?
A. Argon laser
B. Nd YAG laser
C. CO2 laser
D. KTP laser
Correct answer : C. CO2 laser
CO2 does not penetrate into the deep tissue, hence there is decreased risk of scarring.

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Triad of Klippel Feil syndrome triad consists of all except?
A. Low hair line
B. Elevated scapula
C. Short neck
D. Limited neck movements
Correct answer : B. Elevated scapula
Elevated scapula can be seen as a part of Klippel Feil syndrome. But it does not constitute the characteristic triad.