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VINDICATE – Mnemonic for differential diagnosis

4 May 2010 2 Comments

Differential diagnosis is the systematic method by which diseases of  similar presentation are distinguished by considering their various features. VINDICATE is mnemonic which helps to remember the various types of diseases to be considered in a differential diagnosis. VINDICATE stands for

  • V – Vascular
  • I – Inflammatory
  • N – Neoplastic
  • D – Degenerative / Deficiency
  • I – Idiopathic, Intoxication
  • C – Congenital
  • A – Autoimmune / Allergic
  • T – Traumatic
  • E –  Endocrine


  • Laurel said:


    The last S was left out, which stands for pSychosocial.

  • Laurel said:

    V Vascular
    I Infection
    N Neoplastic
    D Drugs/Toxins
    I Inflammatory/Idiopathic
    C Congenital
    A Autoimmune
    T Trauma
    E Endocrine/Environmental
    S Something Else/pSychological

    * Whatever you remember best…

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