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Kerley B lines – Chest X-ray

28 October 2010 2 Comments

Kerley B lines
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Kerley B lines are short horizontal white lines seen in chest X-ray produced by distended interlobular septa.

Features of Kerley B lines:

  • Short – about 1-2 cm long
  • Seen close to the pleura and perpendicular to it
  • Individual lines are parallel to each other
  • Usually seen at the lung bases near costophrenic angles in postero-anterior view radiographs / at the substernal region in lateral radiographs


  • Fluid accumulation between the secondary lobules of the lungs in pulmonary oedema

Other causes of septal lines:

  • Conditions producing lymphatic obstruction – sarcoidosis, lymphangitis carcinomatosa


  • shweta said:

    never been able to see such an x ray in our hospital…

  • Dr T N Kuppusami said:

    I am very clear now with the xray showing Kerly B lines and also causes of these lines. We really miss this in our routine film reading. Thank you Sir
    Dr T N Kuppusami, Madurai, India. 2.9.13

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