Adverse effects of corticosteroids

  1. Produces Cushing’s habitus – moon face, supraclavicular hump, trunkal obesity and relatively thin limbs, hirsuitim.
  2. It causes proximal myopathy – shoulder, arms, hip, thigh
  3. Fragility and thinning of skin – causes purple striae, especially on lower abdomen and thigh, easy bruisability and telangectasias
  4. Decreased wound healing
  5. Increased susceptibility to infections – flaring of tuberulosis can occur, predispose to oppurtunistic infections like candidiasis
  6. Can cause posterior subcapsular cataract
  7. Can cause peptic ulcer and silent perforation (two fold increase in risk)
  8. Can cause hyperglycemia and may precipitate diabetes mellitus.
  9. In pregnant females, steroids can cause gestational diabetes mellitus, hypertension and eclampsia
  10. It may cause IUGR in the fetus
  11. Hypertension due to salt water retention
  12. Hypokalemia alkalosis
  13. Edema
  14. Osteoporosis – is an indication for withdrawl of steroids and can be prevented by concurrent administration of vitamin D, calcium bisphosphonates and estrogen in females and androgen in males.
  15. Growth retardation in children
  16. Suppression of hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis
  17. Steroid induced psychosis. Mild euphoria can occur more frequently.

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