Anterior division of mandibular nerve – Anatomy MCQ

Which of the following muscle is supplied by the anterior division of mandibular nerve?
A. Medial pterygoid
B. Lateral pterygoid
C. Mylohyoid
D. Anterior belly of digastric

Correct answer : B. Lateral pterygoid

Mandibular division of trigeminal nerveMandibular division of trigeminal nerve

  • Anterior division of mandibular nerve supplies lateral pterygoid, masseter and temporalis.
  • Medial pterygoid is supplied by the nerve to medial pterygoid which arises from the main trunk of the mandibular nerve.
  • Mylohyoid and the anterior belly of digastric are supplied by the inferior alveolar nerve. Inferior alveolar nerve is the larger terminal branch of the posterior division of the mandibular nerve.

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