Forensic medicine – MCQ 43 – Colour of post mortem lividity (hypostasis)

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Deep blue colour of hypostasis is seen in death due to poisoning by
A. Potassium cyanide
B. Phosphorus
C. Aniline dyes
D. Carbon monoxide

Correct answer : C. Aniline dyes

Colour of post mortem lividity (hypostasis)

  • Normal – Bluish pink which later turns into bluish purple
  • Carbon monoxide – Bright cherry red
  • Cyanide – Pink
  • Phosphorous – Dark brown
  • Nitrates – Reddish brown
  • Chlorates – Chocolate brown
  • Hydrogen sulphide – Bluish Green
  • Aniline – Deep blue
  • Opiates – Black

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