Medicine – MCQ 62 – A two year old male child given cefaclor

A two year old male child was given 8 days of cefaclor of a 10 days course. The child develops low grade fever, malaise lymphadenopathy, irritability, generalized erythematous rash which are mildly pruritic. Most probable diagnosis is
a) Kawasaki disease
b) Partially treated meningitis
c) Infectious mononucleosis
d) Type 3 hypersensitivity

Correct answer : d) Type 3 hypersensitivity

  • Kawasaki disease – the child does not have the classical features like non purulent conjunctivitis and cervical adenopathy
  • Infectious mononucleosis – Usually occurs in adolescents and adults. EBV infection is usually asymptomatic in children.

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