Mudaliar committee, 1962

  • Government of India appointed a ‘Health Survey and Planning committee’ in 1959 towards the end of the 2nd five year plan to assess the state of the healthcare field and to measure the progress achieved after implementing the suggestions of the Bhore committee of 1946
  • Dr. A. L. Mudaliar was the chariman of the committee
  • The committee submitted its report in 1962
  • The committee found out that the level of healthcare provided was unsatisfactory and gave the following recommendations
    • Consolidate the progress made during the first 2 five year plans
    • Create an ‘All India Health service’ similar to ‘Indian Administrative service’
    • Strengthen existing primary health centers rather than creating new ones
    • One primary health center should cater to a maximum of 40000 people
    • Strengthening of district hospitals so that they can act as good referral centers
    • Create a regional administrative level  in between the state level and district level – in charge of Regional deputy or assistant directors – to supervise 2 or 3 district medical and health officers
    • Integration of medical and health services as recommended by Bhore committee
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