Ophthalmology – MCQ 41 – 30 year old man with blurring of vision

A 30 year old man has 6/5 vision each eye, unaided. His cycloplegic retinoscopy is +1.0 D sph. at 1 metre distance. His complaints are blurring of newsprint at 30 cm, that clears up in about two minutes. The most probable diagnosis is:
A. Hypermetropia
B. Presbyopia
C. Accommodative inertia
D. Cycloplegia

Correct answer : C. Accommodative inertia

His distant vision is normal. He has blurring of newsprint at 30cm distance for 2 minutes. This is due to accommodative inertia. His accommodation system takes some time to focus on near objects. (Normally it should take only 1 second).

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