Pain pathway from ethmoid sinus – ENT MCQ

Pain pathway from ethmoid sinus is via?

A. Nasociliary nerve
B. Lacrimal nerve
C. Lateral pterygoid nerve
D. Frontal nerve

Correct answer : A. Nasociliary nerve

  • Pain sensation from the ethmoid sinus is transmitted by the anterior and posterior ethmoidal branches of the nasociliary nerve, which in turn is a branch of the trigeminal nerve (ophthalmic division).
  • The other branches of the nasociliary nerve are:
    • Long ciliary nerves
    • Infratrochlear nerve
    • Communicating branch to the ciliary ganglion (long root of the ciliary ganglion)
  • Frontal nerve carries sensations from the forehead, frontal sinus mucosa, and the upper eyelid. It has 2 branches – supraorbital nerve and supratrochlear nerve.
  • Lacrimal nerve innervates the lacrimal gland, conjunctiva, and the lateral upper eyelids.
  • Lateral pterygoid nerve supplies the lateral pterygoid muscle.

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