Pathology – MCQ 95 – Prognostic factors for Hodgkin's disease

All of the following are the good prognostic for Hodgkin’s disease except:
A. Haemoglobin > 10 gm/dl
B. WBC count < 15000/mm3
C. Absolute lymphocyte count < 600/mm3
D. Age < 45 yrs

Correct answer : C. Absolute lymphocyte count < 600/mm3

Adverse prognostic factors for hodgkin’s disease:

  • Male sex
  • Age > 45 years
  • Hemoglobin <10.5 g/dl
  • Serum albumin < 4g/dl
  • WBC count > 15000/mm3
  • Lymphocytopenia (Absolute lymphocyte count < 600/mm3 or lymphocytes < 8% of total WBC’s)
  • Stage IV disease

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