Samter's triad

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  • Samter’s triad is a condition characterised by:
    • Asthma
    • Nasal polyps
    • Aspirin intolerance

Clinical course

  • Starts as nasal symptoms of sneezing, running nose and congestion
  • Progresses to asthma and nasal polyposis (especially ethmoidal polyps)
  • Aspirin intolerance comes last
  • Allergic reaction to aspirin in these patients may cause
    • Exacerbation of asthma
    • Uriticaria
    • Angioedema – It is a life threatening condition and hence a medical emergency


  • Aspirin being a cyclooxygenase inhibitor, causes increased activity of the leukotriene synthesis pathway
  • The excess production of leukotrienes cause allergic reactions like asthma


  • Each component of Samter’s triad is treated separately
    • Aspirin intolerance
      • Stop aspirin intake
      • Leukotriene antagonsits (montelukast, zafirlukast)
      • Aspirin desentisation therapy
      • Steroids
    • Asthma – treat according to severity
    • Nasal polyps – treat if they are symptomatic
      • Steroids – medical polypectomy
      • Surgical removal

Samter’s triad is also known as:

  • Samter’s syndrome
  • Aspirin triad
  • Asthma triad
  • Acetyl salicylic acid triad
  • Widal-Abrami-Lermoyez triad
  • Widal-Lermoyez syndrome
  • Widal’s syndrome
  • Francis’ triad

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