Separation anxiety disorder – Paediatrics MCQ

All are true about separation anxiety disorder except:
A. The prevalence is 3.5% to 5.4%
B. Comorbidity is common
C. Prevalence is higher in girls
D. Average age of onset is 4 years

Correct answer: D. Average age of onset in 4 years


  • Separation anxiety disorder is a common childhood anxiety disorder.
  • It has a prevalence is 3.5% to 5.4%.
  • It is more common in girls.
  • The average age of onset is 7.5 years.
  • Children have unrealistic worries about separation from a major attachment figure.
  • Comorbidity is common.
  • Usually present with school refusal and physical complaints related to anxiety.

Reference: Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics

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