Synovial Sarcoma – Features – Orthopedics MCQ

All are true regarding synovial sarcoma except?

A. More common at extra articular sites

B. Knee and foot are commonly involved

C. Usually seen in individuals less than 50 years of age

D. Originates from the synovial lining


Correct answer: D. Originates from the synovial lining

  • The name synovial sarcoma is a misnomer
  • It does not arise from the synovial lining
  • The name arises from the fact that it histologically resembles synovial tissue
  • Most commonly seen in those between 15 and 35 years of age
  • Males and females are equally affected
  • Most commonly seen in the lower limbs, around knee and foot
  • It is a slow growing tumour with an indolent course (It may be aggressive in later stages)


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