AIIMS May 2011 – MCQ 31

A 35 year old woman presents with primary infertility and mass per abdomen. CA 125 level is 90U/ml. Most probable diagnosis is?
A. Ovarian cancer
B. Borderline ovarian tumor
C. Tuberculosis
D. Endometrioma

Best answer : D. Endometrioma

CA 125 can be raised in all of the conditions mentioned above. But it is not of much significance in case of tuberculosis. Mass per abdomen can be seen in all of the above. Infertility is a feature of both endometriosis and tuberculosis. Infertility is also a risk factor for ovarian cancer. Based on the age of the patient, endometrioma is the most probably diagnosis among the options given. Ovarian cancer is seen in elderly age group (56-60 years). Borderline tumours are seen at an average age of 46 years. Tuberculosis is seen in patients in 20-30 years of age.

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