AIIMS May 2012 – MCQ 2

Bracket calcification is seen in?
a. Meningioma
b. Sturge Weber syndrome
c. Tuberous sclerosis
d. Lipoma of corpus callosum

Correct answer : d. Lipoma of corpus callosum

The bracket sign refers to a radiographic appearance seen with the tubulonodular variety of pericallosal lipoma. It reflects calcification seen at the periphery of the midline lipoma. It is best seen on coronal imaging, and historically was identified on frontal radiographs.

Tramline calcification is a feature of Sturge-Weber syndrome, and describes the pattern of calcification seen on skull radiology.

Sturge weber syndrome: CT scans show the tramline gyriform calcification of apposing gyri that underlies the contrast-enhancing leptomeningeal vascular malformation.

Axial nonenhanced CT image in a patient with tuberous sclerosis reveals subependymal calcifications.

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