AIIMS November 2011 – MCQ 3

Flaying is seen in what type of lacerated wound ?
A. Tear and split
B. Shearing force
C. Avulsion
D. Stretch

Correct answer : Avulsion

The grinding compression by a weight such as a wheel of a heavy vehicle or some heavt part of machinery passing over the limb may produce avulsion of the skin and subcutaneous tissues form the underlying structures (shearing lacerations). Commonly seen in traffic accidents where the rotating force of a wheel tears off the skin over the relatively large area. This is sometimes termed as flaying and most frequently occurs in legs where a heavy vehicle passes over the body that has already been knocked to the ground.

Ref: Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology : Principles and Practice, 5/e By Krishan Vij, p221 (via Google books)

Flaying is the removal of skin from the body. An animal may be flayed in preparation for human consumption, or for its hide or fur; this is more commonly called skinning. Flaying of humans is used as a method of torture or execution, depending on how much of the skin is removed. (Wikipedia article on flaying)


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