AIIMS November 2011 – MCQ 34

Marker of bone formation are all except
A. Osteocalcin
B. Alkaline phosphatase
C. Procollagen residue
D. Hydroxyproline

(Modified repeat question – AIPGMEE 07 MK q260 – Which is a marker of new bone formation)

Correct answer : D. Hydroxyproline

Markers of bone formation:

  • Serum bone specific alkaline phosphatase
  • Serum propeptide / type I procollagen
  • Serum osteocalcin
Markers of bone resorption:
  • Urine hydroxyproline
  • Serum tartarate resistant acid phosphatase
  • Urine and serum N-telopeptide and C-telopeptide
  • Urine total free deoxypyrindinoline
  • Serum bone sialoprotein
  • Urine hydroxylysine glycosides
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