AIIMS November 2011 – MCQ 58

In India, syndromic management is applicable for?
A. Primary chancre and herpes
B. Chancroid and herpes
C. Chancroid, herpes and primary chancre
D. Chancroid and primary chancre

Correct answer : C. Chancroid, herpes and primary chancre

Ref: Park, 20th p292

According to the various flowcharts provided, syndromic approach is used for:

Urethral discharge – Gonorrhoea / chlamydia
Genital ulcer – Herpes / syphilis / chancroid
Vaginal discharge – Trichomoniasis / bacterial vaginosis / candidiasis / gonorrhoea / chlamydia
Enlarged painful inguinal lymph nodes – lymphogranuloma venereum / genital ulcer algorithm

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