AIIMS November 2011 – MCQ 76

All are true regarding brown sequard syndrome except?
A. Ipsilateral pyramidal tract involvement
B. Contralateral dorsal column involvement
C. Contralateral spinothalmic involvement
D. Ipsilateral extensor plantar reflex

(Repeat question – AIPGMEE 07 MK q175)

Correct answer : B. Contralateral dorsal column involvement

Ref: Harrison 16th, p2440, 144

Brown-Séquard syndrome, also known as Brown-Séquard’s hemiplegia and Brown-Séquard’s paralysis, is a loss of sensation and motor function (paralysis and ataxia) that is caused by the lateral hemisection of the spinal cord.

Features of Brown-Séquard syndrome:

  • Ipsilateral pyramidal tract involvement – loss of motor function – as the neurons cross to opposite in the medulla
  • Ipsilateral dorsal column involvement – loss of fine touch, joint position and vibration sense – as the neurons cross to opposite in the medulla
  • Contralateral spinothalmic involvement – loss of crude touch, pain and temperature – as the neurons cross to opposite in the spinal cord
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