AIIMS PG Entrance May 2015 – MCQ 30 – Heat illnesses

Sweating is not present in?
A. Heat exhaustion
B. Heat syncope
C. Heat stroke
D. Miner’s cramps

Correct answer: C. Heat stroke

  • Heat stroke is the most severe type of heat related illnesses.
  • It is characterised by body temperatures greater than 41.1°C (106°F), associated with impaired thermoregulation.
  • It occurs when the body thermoregulation system is overwhelmed by a combination of increased body heat production (as in exercise), increased environmental heat (hot climate / working conditions) and impaired heat loss from the body (as in use of protective gear / clothing).
  • The person is disoriented and sweating is absent.
  • Treatment is by rapid cooling and resuscitation.


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