AIIMS PG Entrance May 2015 – MCQ 34 – Heterochromia iridis

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Topical drug which can induce heterochromia iridis is?
A. Timolol
B. Prednisolone
C. Latanoprost
D. Olopatadine

Correct answer : C. Latanoprost

Partial heterochromia iridisPartial heterochromia iridis

  • Heterochromia iridis refers to the condition in which the eyes are of different colour.
  • In partial / sectoral heterochromia, part of one iris is of a different colour.
  • Latanoprost can induce heterochromia as prostaglandins increase iris pigmentation.

Related journal article: Incidence of iris colour change in latanoprost treated eyes, British Journal of Ophthalmology –
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