AIPGMEE 2012 Help manual – How to fill up AIPGMEE 2012 online application form

Help Manual
Important Instructions for Applicants Filling AIPGMEE-2012 Online Application Form
Just Follow Easy 4-Steps (i.e. Step-1, Step-2, Step-3 and Step-4) to fill up Online Application

(Link to download this help manual as a pdf file is given at the bottom of this page)

NOTE: Ensure you have completed all the 4-steps i.e. Step 1 to 4. No claim for registration in respect of incomplete Forms/Steps will be entertained.

Step -1) Create Account by using your existing Email-ID

NOTE: Applicants provide Email-ID and password will be their username and password for accessing online application form. So, applicants must remember both of them and note down in his/her diary because if he/she forget them then online application form cannot be accessed.

All the details once submitted cannot be changed later on. So, ensure you have filled up the correct and complete information.

1.  The application form must be filled by the applicant.
2.  Your < Email-ID > (Email-ID should be already existing, active and should be valid for atleast one year so that AIIMS can communicate with the candidate). Email-ID once filled cannot be changed in future. Ensure Email-ID is correctly filled, failing which no communication will occur and the responsibility lies on the applicant.
3.  Write your Password
4.  Write Applicant Full Name : Write the Candidate’s full name in BLOCK LETTERS as given in the records of Secondary Education Board/ University.”
5.  Write Father’s Name (“Write the Father name in BLOCK LETTERS as given in the records of Secondary Education Board/ University.”)
6.  Write Your Date of Birth (“Select the date of birth as recorded in Secondary School Leaving Certificate or equivalent examination.”)
7.  Select Category: Category once declared in the application cannot be changed later on. The candidature of such OBC candidates who are covered under the „Creamy Layer‟ will be considered only under the general category.
8.  Select Centre Choice
9.  Write your Mobile Number. {SMS (if any )will be send to you on this number}
10. Read declaration, if acceptable, then < select > the declaration
11. Click “Create Account” button
12. Message opens on your screen. Check information is correct. Write down your Email-ID and Password as shown on Pop up message and remember  the same for further access in order to complete the other steps of online form and future communication with AIIMS.
13. Click < Submit / Next > button to reach the next Step – 2 (i.e. Challan Webpage).

Step- 2) Do the Payment to SBI Bank and fill payment details to your AIIMS Online Application.

I)       How to make payment

1.   Click “Please Click here to get Challan Form” link. A challan form opens.This Challan form has three copies (on single page with perforations)
Bank Copy – One for Bank
Student Copy-Second copy must be retained by the candidate.
AIIMS Copy – Third copy should be brought along with Admit card which is to be handed over to invigilator in the class room during attendance, failing which you will not be allowed to appear in the Entrance Examination.
2.   Print the Challan Form.
3.   Go to nearby SBI bank branch and tell the Bank staff to enter following details to their computer record while taking your payment against Application-cum-Examination fee.
Challan Number(Mentioned on Challan Form), and
Applicant Name (Mentioned on Challan Form)
4.  Bank staff will write Unique Transaction Number/Journal Number,BRANCH CODE and DEPOSIT DATE on all the three copies of Challan Form. Ensure that information must be written by bank staff on all the three Challan copies.
5.   Banker retains Bank Copy of Challan Form and Give Student and AIIMS copy of Challan Form.

II)     How to fill payment details

6.   Come back to website and as you have already create a Account with AIIMS ( no need to create account again ) .So, Click on Green button with Key symbol to “Login” with Email-ID and password to your online application (do not fill new registration details). It will directly go to payment page.
7. Fill the webpage fields of
a. Unique Transaction Number/Journal Number ,
c. Deposit Date written by Bank Staff on Challan Form Copies.
NOTE: Applicant must write these details carefully and correctly.
8.   Click “Next/Submit” button on Challan Form webpage. You are shown with “Application Form” webpage. Click “Next/Submit” button only when you have completed all fields correctly on this page as details once entered cannot be changed later on.
9.   Internet Browser open “Online Application Form Webpage”, Follow Step 3.
NOTE: Bring Challan Form-AIIMS copy alongwith Admit Card without which you will not be allowed to appear in the Entrance Examination.

Step- 3) Fill Application form completely and submit the application. (Instruction for filling the form available with each field of Application form and also in detail in prospectus.)

1. Applicant can edit the Application details only before submitting application. Once “Submit” Button is clicked by Applicant, he/she will not able to edit the details. So, Click “Submit” button only when you have completed all your Online Application Form details correctly and completely (because after that no edit/alteration is allowed).
2. Use “Save As Draft” button to save your incomplete Online Application Form details. So, there is no need to type details again and again.
3. Use your Email-Id (as username) and password for accessing Incomplete Online Application form.
4. When you have completed all fields of Online Application Form click “Next” button.
5. Page to verify Applicant “Application Form details” come up, verifies your entered Application Form details then accept declaration and click “Submit” Button (Use “Back” button on webpage if any changes required).Application details once submitted cannot be changed. So, click submit button only when you have completed your application details in all respect correctly.
6. After clicking “Submit” Button webpage to upload passport photograph and signature appeared.
7. Internet Browser open “Upload Photo and Signature Webpage”, Follow Step 4.

Step -4) Upload Passport size Photograph and Signature

NOTE: You must upload photograph and signature to correct specified fields. Do not make any mistake in uploading candidate signature and photograph. Photo/Sign should be in “.jpg “ format.

1.   Candidate must have softcopy/digital of passport size photograph “CandidatePhotograph.jpg” provided by photographer as per the “ AIIMS instruction for Photograph” (provided in prospectus). Keep size of photograph minimum as maximum size limit is 100 KB.
2.   Put candidate signature in an area of 2” X 1” on paper with a black ball point pen. Scan that paper. Cut Signature area of 2” X 1” and Save it as CandidateSignature.jpg”. Keep size of Signature minimum as maximum size limit is 100 KB.
NOTE: MUST NOT UPLOAD signature in A4 size format/complete paper as this later on result in difficulty in getting their admit cards.
3. To upload “CandidatePhotograph.jpg” Click “Browse” Button right to the photograph field. Select the Scanned “CandidatePhotograph.jpg” file from saved location and click “Open” Button.
4. To upload “CandidateSignature.jpg” Click “Browse” Button right to the signature field. Select the Scanned “CandidateSignature.jpg” file from saved location and click “Open” Button.
5. Preview of Candidate Photo and Signature must be clearly visible to candidate, if photo/signature image is coming small or not visible in preview on website online then it mean photo/signature is not as per the AIIMS prescribe format and your application will be rejected. So, be careful while uploading your photo and signature.
6. After your are satisfied with the photo and signature preview online then only Click “Next” button. Registration Slip page appears.
Applicant must not send Registration Slip and Challan (AIIMS Copy) by POST to AIIMS Examination Section as per the prospectus. But always keep copy of these with yourself safely as an proof of your candidature or in case of any discrepancy.


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