Anaesthetic agent causing epilepsy – Anaesthesia MCQ

Which of the following anaesthetic agents can induce epilepsy?
A. Sevoflurane
B. Isoflurane
C. Desflurane
D. Methoxyflurane

Correct answer: A. Sevoflurane

structure of sevofluraneStructure of sevoflurane

  • Enflurane and Sevoflurane can induce epilepsy.
  • The effect is much more pronounced with Enflurane.
  • Tip to remember: Enflurane = Epilepsy (both start with E).
  • Enflurane can also increase the intracranial pressure.
  • Isoflurane can cause coronary steal syndrome.
  • Methoxyflurane is nephrotoxic and can cause high output renal failure.
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