Antenatal visits

  • Regular antenatal visits are necessary to ensure wellbeing of the mother and the fetus during pregnancy
  • Ideally a mother should visit the antenatal clinic
    • once a month till 28 weeks
    • once in 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks
    • once a week from 36 weeks
  • If any complications are detected, the frequency of visits should be modified suitably
  • In developing nations like India, it may not be possible to stick to this schedule due to various reasons
    • The antenatal clinic may be far away from home
    • Going to the clinic may result in loss of wage
    • Other personal /  family problems preventing the mother from attending the antenatal clinic
  • In such cases, it is recommended that there should be at least 3 visits at the following times
    • at 20 weeks or soon after pregnancy is detected
    • 32 weeks
    • 36 weeks

Services to be availed during antenatal visits

  • During first visit
    • Full medical history
    • Complete physical examination
    • Investigations
      • Urine routine
      • Blood  group, Rh typing
      • Haemoglobin, complete blood count
      • Serological testing
      • Stool examination
  • Subsequent visits
    • Physical examinations
    • Investigations
      • Urine routine
      • Haemoglobin
  • Iron and folic acid supplementation
  • Tetanus toxoid immunization
  • Advice about personal care, nutrition, family planning, parenting
  • Identification of high risk cases and referral if necessary

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