Bacillary angiomatosis is caused by? – Medicine MCQ

Bacillary angiomatosis is caused by?
A. Bartonella bacilliformis
B. Bartonella rochalimae
C. Rickettsia japonica
D. Bartonella henselae

Correct answer : D. Bartonella henselae

Bartonella henselaeBartonella henselae in a case of endocarditis appearing as black granulations.

  • Bartonellosis is a group of diseases caused by intracellular gram negative bacilli.
  • Bacillary angiomatosis is an HIV associated disease caused by Bartonella henselae.
  • It can also be caused by Bartonella quintana.

Ref: Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine, 22nd edition, p352
Image credits: Warthin Starry, from Traditional and Molecular Techniques for the Study of Emerging Bacterial Diseases: One Laboratory’s Perspective, Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal, Vol. 8, No, 2, February 2002, Center for Disease Control. URL:

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