Biochemistry – MCQ 85 – Oral contraceptives and vitamin B6 deficiency

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A middle aged woman on oral contraceptives for many years, developed neurological symptoms such as depression, irritability, nervousness and mental confusion. Her hemoglobin level was 8g/dl. Biochemical investigations revealed that she was excreting highly elevated concentrations of xanthurenic acid in urine. She also showed high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in serum. All of the above findings are most probably related to vitamin B6 deficiency caused by prolonged oral contraceptive use except :
A. Increased urinary xanthurenic acid excretion
B. Neurological symptoms by decreased synthesis of biogenic amines
C. Decreased hemoglobin level
D. Increased triglyceride and cholesterol level

Correct answer : D. Increased triglyceride and cholesterol level

Increased triglyceride and cholesterol level are due to metabolic effects of OCP’s and are not secondary to vitamin B6 deficiency.

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