Branch arising from the main trunk of mandibular nerve – Anatomy MCQ

The branch arising from the main trunk of mandibular nerve is?
A. Nerve to medial pterygoid
B. Nerve to lateral pterygoid
C. Buccal nerve
D. Auriculotemporal nerve

Correct answer : A. Nerve to medial pterygoid

Mandibular division of trigeminal nerveMandibular division of trigeminal nerve

Branches of mandibular nerve

  • From the main trunk:
    • Meningeal branch
    • Nerve to medial pterygoid
  • From the anterior trunk:
    • Buccal nerve
    • Masseteric nerve
    • Deep temporal nerve
    • Nerve to lateral pterygoid
  • From the posterior trunk:
    • Auriculotemporal nerve
    • Lingual nerve
    • Inferior alveolar nerve.

Ref: Human Anatomy, B. D. Chaurasia, 4th ed, Vol 3, page 153.

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