It is a loop diuretic causing diuresis by acting on the Na+ K+ 2Cl- cotransporters in the thick ascending limb of loop of Henle. It useful in pulmonary edema. It may be used in patients not reponding to frusemide.

Bumetanide vs Frusemide

  • 40 times more potent
  • Hypocalcemic, hypokalemic, hyperglycemic effects are less
  • less chance of ototoxicity
  • may induce myopathy
  • more lipid soluble
  • 80-100% oral bioavailability (compared to 60% for frusemide).

It is partly metabolised and partly excreted unchanged in urine. Plasma T1/2 (half life) is approximately 60 minutes (prolonged in renal and hepatic insufficiency).

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