Criteria for sanitary well

A sanitary well is one that is properly located, well constructed, and well protected from possible locations of contamination so as to ensure supply of safe water. The criteria for a sanitary well are:

  1. Location
    • A sanitary well should be located atleast 15m away from possible sources of contamination
    • It should be located a higher level than nearby sources of contamination
    • It should not be located too far away from the people’s houses – it is suggested that no user should have to carry water for more than 100m
  2. Lining
    • The inside of the well should be lined with bricks upto a depth of atleast 6m
    • This is to ensure that the water enters the well from the bottom,  not from the sides
    • Also the lining should be continued till about 60-90cm above the ground level
  3. Parappet wall
    • A sanitary well should have a parappet wall upto a height of atleast 70-75cm
  4. Platform
    • A cement concrete platfrom should be constructed around the well with a radius of atleast 1m in all directions
    • The margin of the platform should have a drain for collecting the spilled water
  5. Drain
    • The spilled water should be channeled away from the well using a proper drain system
    • It should be conneted to the public drain system or to a drainage pit located outside the cone of filtration of the well
  6. Cover
    • A proper cement concrete cover is essential for maintaining the quality of the water of the well
    • It increases the bacterial quality of the well water considerably
  7. Hand pump
    • A hand pump should be installed to draw water from the well
    • It should be of good quality so as to endure the rough handling by the people
    • It should be regularly serviced and there should be provision to repair it quickly if any fault were to arise
  8. Consumer responsibility
    • The people who use the well should observe certain precautions to ensure the quality of the water
    • They should dump waste materials around the well
    • Washing of clothes and animals in the vicinity of the well should be prohibited
  9. Quality
    • The physical chemical and biological parameters of the well water should conform to acceptable standards
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