Definitive airways – Anaesthesia MCQ

Which of the following is not a definitive airway?
A. Tracheostomy
B. Orotracheal tube
C. Nasotracheal tube
D. Laryngeal mask airway

Correct answer : D. Laryngeal mask airway

double lumen endotracheal tubeDouble lumen endotracheal tube

Definitive airways

  • Definitive airways prevents aspiration of gastric content, allows for control of ventilation and permits delivery of higher concentrations of oxygen.
  • They include endotracheal tubes (nasotracheal / orotracheal), tracheostomy and cricothyroidotomy.

Non definitive airways

  • They do not protect the patient from gastric aspiration.
  • The concentration of oxygen delivered to the patient is lower.
  • But they have the advantage of being easier to insert.
  • They can even facilitate insertion of definitive airways. (Certain laryngeal mask airways are designed to facilitate insertion of endotracheal tubes.)
  • e.g. Laryngeal mask airway, Oropharyngeal airway, Nasopharyngeal airway

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