Human monkeypox

  • Human monkeypox is a zoonosis that is similar to small pox.
  • It was present only in small numbers so that it’s presence was noticed only after small pox was eradicated
  • It is mostly seen in central and west Africa
  • It is spread from infected animals to humans through close contact
  • Person to person transmission is less
  • It is not much of a public health problem as the transmissibility of the virus is less
  • Monkeypox virus belongs to orthopox virus
  • Incubation period is 14 days
  • Secondary attack rate is 15% as compared to 30-45% with small pox
  • Localised lymphadenopathy is a characteristic feature
  • Infection in children is characterised by severe rash and high mortality
  • Small pox vaccine is effective in preventing monkeypox

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