Indicators of housing – Physical, Economic, Social

The indicators of housing are of 3 types:

  • Physical indicators:
    • Floor space
    • Cubic space
    • Room height
    • Person per room
    • Rooms per house
    • Environment – air, water, light, sound
  • Economic indicators
    • Building cost
    • Rental
    • Tax
  • Social indicators (proposed by inter regional seminar on Social Aspects of Housing organised by the UN in 1975)
    • Related to prevention of illness
      • Frequency of illness due to accidents
      • Frequency of illness due to impure water
      • Frequency of illness due to improper disposal of waste and sewage
      • Frequency of illness due to proximity to animals
      • Frequency insect borne diseases
      • Frequency of illness due to overcrowding
      • Access to medical facility
    • Related to comfort
      • Thermal comfort
      • Visual comfort
      • Acoustic comfort
      • Spatial comfort
    • Indicators related to mental health and social well being
      • Frequency of suicides in the neighbourhood
      • Neglected youth in the neighbourhood
      • Drug abuse in the neighbourhood

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