Largest bursa in the human body – Anatomy MCQ

Largest bursa in the human body is?
A. Subacromial bursa
B. Prepatellar bursa
C. Infrapatellar bursa
D. Trochanteric bursa

Correct answer : A. Subacromial bursa

Clinical correlation: Elbow bursitisClinical correlation: Elbow bursitis

  • The largest bursa in the body is the subacromial bursa.
  • It is located beneath the coracoacromial arch and the deltoid muscle.
  • Supraspinatus tendon and the greater tubercle of the humerus is situated underneath the bursa.


  • Prevents friction between supraspinatus tendon and acromion.
  • Facilitates the movement of the greater tubercle of humerus under the acromion process during overhead abduction.

Ref: B.D. Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy, 4th Edition, Vol 1, p79.

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