Layers of retina

The layers of the retina from outside inwards are:

  1. Pigment epithelium
  2. Layer of rods and cones – Formed by rods and cones – the photoreceptor cells
  3. External limiting layer
  4. Outer nuclear layer – Formed by nuclei of rods and cones
  5. Outer plexiform layer – Synapses between the photoreceptor cells with horizontal and amacrine cells
  6. Inner nuclear layer – Nuclei of horizontal cells and amacrine cells
  7. Inner plexiform layer – Synapses between horizontal and amacrine cells with retinal ganglion cells
  8. Ganglion cell layer – Nuclei of retinal ganglion cells
  9. Nerve fiber layer – Composed of the nerve fibers originating from retinal ganglion cells
  10. Inner limiting layer

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