Management methods based on behavioural sciences

Management is the efficient utilisation of resources – material, capital and human – for the attainment of specific objectives and goals.  The methods of management based on behavioural sciences are:

  • Organisational design
    • A poor organisational design leads to wastage of resources
    • The organisation should be setup in such a way that is appropriate to the goals to be achieved
    • For example,  a health system should be able to service the health needs of the population
    • The technology used should be kept up to date by regular upgrades
  • Personnel management
    • Human resource is the most important part of an organisation
    • Proper methods of selection, training, motivation, allotment of roles, incentives and avenues for professional advancement should be ensured
  • Communication
    • Communication between various levels is essential functioning of the system
    • Doctor-patient, doctor-nurse, health ministry-doctors – measures should be taken to ensure that there is free communication at these levels
    • Lacunae in the communication system results in
      • Delayed reporting of events
      • Delayed supply of drugs and other resources
      • Decreased efficiency of organisational function
  • Information system
    • An efficient information system should be in place to manage all the data
    • There should be a system for effective collection, classification, storage, retrieval, transformation and display of data
    • The information system plays an important part in monitoring and evaluation of the health system
  • Management by Objectives (MBO)
    • In this, objectives are set for each unit and subunit of the system
    • Plans to attain these objectives are put forth and executed

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