Minimum Needs Programme (MNP) – Components, Principles, Objectives

  • Minimum Needs Programme (India) was introduced during the 5th Five year plan to provide the basic needs of people so as to improve their living standards
  • Components:
    • Rural health
    • Water supply
    • Rural electrification
    • Nutrition
    • Elementary education
    • Adult education
    • Improving status of urban slums
    • Houses for landless workers
  • Principles:
    • It should first be implemented in areas which deserves it the most
    • All the aspects of the program should be implemented as a package deal with intersectoral coordination
  • The objectives set in different areas as part of minimum needs program:
    • Rural health (to be achieved by year 2000)
      • one Primary Health Centre (PHC) for 30,000 population in the plains and 20,000 population in tribal and hilly areas
      • one Subcentre for 5000 population in plains and 3000 population in tribal and hilly areas
      • one Community Health Centre (CHC) for 1 lakh population
    • Nutrition
      • Extend nutrition support to 11 million eligible people
      • Expand ‘Special nutrition program‘ to all ICDS projects
      • Consolidation of midday meal program and linking it to health, potable water and sanitation
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