Ophthalmology – MCQ 31 – Ophthalmic examination in NIDDM

When should a case of Non-Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) with a history of diabetes for one year have an ophthalmic examination?
A. As early as feasible
B. After 5 years
C. After 10 years
D. Only after visual symptoms develop

Correct answer : A. As early as feasible

The person may have been diabetic for some time before the diagnosis of NIDDM. Retinopathy may have already occured. Hence, ophthalmological testing should be done as early as possible after diagnosis of NIDDM. If there are no pathologic changes, he should come for review every 6 months / 1 year.

But in case of IDDM (Insulin dependant diabetes mellitus), the patients are diagnosed early in life. There is much less chance of any ophthalmologic disease at the time of diagnosis. Hence ophthalmologic examination is recommended 5 years after the diagnosis of IDDM.

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