Pharmacology – MCQ 124 – Drug interaction – ranitidine and sucralfate

A patient of peptic ulcer was prescribed ranitidine and sucralfate in the morning hours. Why is this combination incorrect:
A. Ranitidine combines with sucralfate and prevents its action
B. Combination of these two drugs produces serious side effects like agranulacytosis
C. Ranitidine decreases the gastric pH so sucralfate is not able to act
D. Sucralfate inhibits absorption of ranitidine

Correct answer : D. Sucralfate inhibits absorption of ranitidine

Ranitidine can increase the gastric pH and prevent polymerization (occurs at a pH < 4) of sucralfate.
Sucralfate decreases the absorption of many drugs including ranitidine.

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