Prevalence of Kayser Fleischer Ring in Wilson’s Disease – Medicine MCQ

Kayser Fleischer Ring is seen in what proportion of Wilson’s disease patients with neurologic features?
A. 10%
B. 50%
C. 80%
D. 100%

Correct answer: D. 100%


  • Kayser Fleischer Ring is the result of copper deposition in Descemet’s membrane around the cornea.
  • It appears as a grayish ring at the limbus.
  • It is seen in 80% of patients with Wilson’s disease presenting with hepatic dysfunction and in 100% of those with neurologic features.
  • Hence slit lamp examination is essential for diagnosis of Wilson’s disease presenting with neurologic abnormalities.
  • Usual neurologic manifestations in Wilson’s disease include tremor that has wing beating character in advanced stages, rigidity, dystonia, dysarthria and dysphagia.
  • History of psychiatric disturbances like depression and mood swings are seen in more than half of those with neurologic features.

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