Pulmonology quiz – Episode 1 – PFT report

Pulmonary function test – Flow volume curve
Click on image for an enlarged view
  • Spot the diagnosis and submit your answer to win exciting prizes!
  • Quiz master:  Dr. C.P Rauf, Senior Consultant Pulmonologist, Chest Hospital, Calicut
  • Decision of the quiz master is final and binding on all participants
  • Contest open only to Indian Residents
  • Last date for submission of entries – 23rd November, 2010
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  • If you have any queries, Contact us


Episode 1 of Pulmonology quiz has ended. Thanks to all who participated. The results will be published soon and winners will be notified by email. You can now participate in the Second episode of Pulmonology quiz.

Update 2:

The results are out! The correct answer is Vocal cord dysfunction syndrome. Unfortunately none gave the correct answer… 🙁

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