Radiological signs in mitral stenosis

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Radiological signs seen in mitral stenosis are:

  • Backward displacement of esophagus by enlarged left atrium (in lateral view X-ray)
  • Enlarged left atrium in AP view X-ray (Blood pools in the left atrium as it is unable to pass into the left ventricle. This results in progressive dilatation.)
  • Straightening of left heart border
  • Double shadow due to enlarged left atrium
  • Splaying of carina (The left main bronchus is lifted up by the enlarged left atrium)
  • Prominent upper zone pulmonary veins (Inverted moustache sign /  Antler’s horn sign / Cephalisation pulmonary of blood flow)
  • Enlarged pulmonary trunk (This occurs following the development of pulmonary hypertension)
  • Kerley B lines (indicating fluid collection in the interlobular septa)
  • Calcification of mitral valve
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