Ringertz tumour (Inverted Papilloma) – Epidemiology, Clinical Features, Treatment

  • Ringertz tumour is a benign warty neoplasm that arises from the lateral wall of nasal cavity
  • Instead of growing outwards, it grows into the stroma
  • Epidemiology:
    • Seen in 40-70 yrs age group
    • More in males
  • Clinical features:
    • Red / grey oedematous mass
    • Always unilateral
    • May be confused with nasal polyp
  • Treatment:
    • Wide surgical excision
      • Lateral rhinotomy
      • Medial maxillectomy with en bloc ethmoidectomy
    • Chance of recurrence
    • May be associated with squamous cell carcinoma in 10-15% individuals

Alternate names:

  • Transitional cell papilloma
  • Schneiderian papilloma

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