Clinical signs in allergic rhinitis – nasal, ocular, otologic, pharyngeal, laryngeal

There are various clinical signs in allergic rhinitis. They are:

  • Nasal signs
    • Transverse nasal crease (allergic crease)
      • A black transverse line across the middle of nose
      • Occurs due to constant rubbing of the nose in the upward direction resembling a salute – allergic salute
    • Swollen turbinates
    • Pale, oedematous, bluish nasal mucosa
    • Thin watery discharge
  • Ocular signs
    • Lid oedema
    • Cobblestone appearance and congestion of conjunctiva
    • Dark circles under eyes – allergic shiners
  • Otologic signs
    • Retraction of tympanic membrane and serous otitis media due to eustachian tube dysfunction
  • Pharyngeal signs
    • Granular pharyngitis due to hyperplasia of submucosal lymphoid tissue
  • Laryngeal signs
    • Hoarseness of voice
    • Oedema of vocal cords

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