Why antrochoanal polyp grows posteriorly?

Antrochoanal polyp Click on image for an enlarged view

  • Antrochoanal polyp arises from the maxillary sinus.
  • It usually grows posteriorly towards the nasopharynx

The reasons for growing posteriorly are as follows:

  • Mucociliary flow is directed posteriorly
  • Accessory ostium, through which the antrochoanal polyp comes out is located more posterior in the nasal cavity
  • Effect of gravity when lying down
  • Inspiratory airflow is stronger compared to expiratory flow
  • Broetz anatomical variation theory
  • Bernoulli effect

Image credits:

Antrochoanal polyp – Otolaryngology Houston
Antrochoanal polyp – endoscopic view – Otolaryngology Houston
Antrochoanal polyp CT scan – Radiopaedia. Original image can be viewed here


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