AIIMS May 2011 – MCQ 40

Upper limb weight is transmitted to axial skeleton by all except?
A. Coracoacromial ligament
B. Claviculoclavicular [interclavicular] ligament
C. Costoclavicular ligament
D. Acromioclavicular ligament

Correct answer : A. Coracoacromial ligament

Transmission of upper limb weight occurs through 2 joints – acromioclavicular joint (scapula to clavicle) and sternoclavicular joint (clavicle to sternum). Acromioclavicular ligament and coracoclavicular ligament (more important) are the ligaments stabilizing the acromioclavicular joint. Sternoclavicular joint is stabilized by anterior and posterior sternoclavicular ligaments, costoclavicular ligaments on each side and the midline interclavicular ligament.

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