Anti LKM antibodies – Pathology MCQ

Anti LKM antibodies are found in?

A. Inflammatory myopathies
B. Behcet’s syndrome
C. HCV infection
D. Primary biliary cirrhosis

Correct answer : C. HCV infection

Anti LKM (Liver Kidney Microsomal) antibodies are of 3 types:

  • Anti LKM 1 – Autoimmune hepatitis type II and Chronic hepatitis C
  • Anti LKM 2 – Drug induced hepatitis
  • Anti LKM 3 – Chronic Hepatitis D

Antibodies present in the other options:

  • Inflammatory myopathies – Anti Jo1 antibody
  • Behcet’s syndrome – Anti alpha enolase antibody
  • Primary biliary cirrhosis – Anti mitochondrial antibody against E2 subunit of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex

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