Most common preceding infection in bone marrow failure syndromes – Medicine MCQ

Which is the most common preceding infection in bone marrow failure syndromes?
A. Parvo B19
D. Hepatitis

Correct Answer : D. Hepatitis

Aplastic anemiaAplastic anaemia – bone marrow histology

  • Most common infection preceding bone marrow failure syndrome is hepatitis.
  • It is usually sero negative ( non-A, non- B, non – C ).
  • It accounts for 5% of etiologies.
  • Parvo virus can cause pure red cell aplasia, but it doesn’t usually cause generalised bone marrow failure.

Ref: Harrison’s principles of internal medicine, 19 th edition, page 664
Image credits: MedPage Today.  Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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