Juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis – Etiology, Pathology, Clinical Features, Management

Bilateral Laryngeal Papilloma
  • Laryngeal papillomas constitute 80% of the neoplastic lesions of the larynx
  • Juvenile laryngeal papillomas are a type of squamous papillomas seen in infants and children


  • It is believed to be viral in origin (Human papilloma virus)
  • Association with maternal condylomata acuminata is seen


  • Proliferation of squamous epithelium

Sites involved:

  • Epiglottis
  • True vocal cords
  • False vocal cords
  • Other areas of larynx
  • Trachea

Clinical Features:

  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Stridor


  • Endoscopic removal by cup forceps
  • Cryotherapy
  • Microelectrocautery
  • CO2 laser – preferred method – less bleeding, precise removal possible


  • There is high chance of recurrence
  • Interferon therapy is useful in preventing recurrence

Image credits: Otolaryngology Houston

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