Levels of healthcare

Healthcare delivery system is organised at 3 different levels. They are:.

  1. Primary
    • This is the most basic level of health care
    • Healthcare delivery is through primary health centers, sub centers, multipurpose health workers, village health guides and trained dais.
    • Most of the common illnesses can be treated at this level
    • The focus is not only on treatment of diseases, but also on its prevention
    • Cases requiring specialised care are referred to secondary and tertiary care centers
  2. Secondary
    • This is the first referral level
    • It is consists of district hospitals and community health centers
  3. Tertiary
    1. Tertiary level provides the most specialised care
    2. It is provided by Medical colleges, Specialised hospitals, Apex institutes, Regional hospitals and All India institutes.

Referral system – When a patient requires specialised care, he is referred to a higher center. Once the disease is treated, he is referred back to the primary level for follow up.

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